Bouncing back from a cyber attack: Building resilience for a growing business

Actionable insights and prevention tactics for improved resilience against cyber-attacks.
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Today’s cyber threats present unparalleled challenges to businesses nationwide. From small and medium-sized businesses to major enterprises in Australia, the risks have become a top concern and emphasised the urgent need for robust digital defences. The consequences of a cyber incident can be severe, disrupting operations, undermining customer trust, and leading to significant financial losses.

Cyber resilience extends beyond mere defence against attacks; it's about ensuring your business can effectively recover. The right strategies equip your organisation to respond to, recover from, and minimise the impact of cyber incidents so you can maintain business continuity and secure the organisation's future.

We invite you to download our eBook ‘Bouncing Back from Attack: Cyber Resilience for a Growing Business’ for cyber resilience, preparation, and recovery strategies in the Australian business context.


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Our eBook covers key cyber resilience topics such as:

What happens in a cyber-attack?
Ransomware demands: to pay or not to pay?
Cyber resilience: bouncing back
Preparation: the human factor
Preparation: balancing cyber budget vs cyber risks
Preparation: cyber compliance
Preparation: building a secure foundation
Response and recovery: cyber insurance, disaster recovery plan and critical incident response plan
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Bouncing back from a cyber attack: Building resilience for a growing business

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