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Bouncing back from a cyber-attack: Building resilience for a growing business

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Cyber security resilience is a non-negotiable focus area for businesses of all sizes, as they navigate the increasingly complex web of digital threats that now include AI-driven tactics. Navigating this landscape within the Australian paradigm, where regulatory frameworks and cyber norms are uniquely stringent, underscores the urgency for bespoke, localised resilience strategies.

Join us on Wednesday, 10th July, as our principal consultant, Josh Van Egmond, and Customer Experience & Technology Strategist, Tony Nissen, delve into insights from our much-loved eBook, 'Bouncing back from a cyber-attack: Building Resilience for a growing business.' In this session, together, they will explore the anatomy of cyber-attacks and the crucial measures for robust preparation, adept response, and swift recovery. We aim to equip businesses within the nuanced Australian digital landscape with the strategies needed to withstand and thrive amidst evolving cyber threats.


Key Takeaways


Examine Ransomware attack dynamics and their impact on businesses.


Discuss Ransomware response strategies, first-hand experiences, and key findings and takeaways.


Explore cyber resilience fundamentals: preparation, response, and recovery.


Understand how human behaviour influences cyber security and culture.


Balance cyber security spending against risks for effective defence.


Learn the importance of compliance frameworks like the Essential Eight in Australian cyber security.


Identify foundational security measures for a resilient digital framework.


Develop incident response and recovery plans for rapid bounce-back.


All attendees will receive a copy of our eBook Bouncing back from a cyber-attack: Building resilience for a growing business, a tool designed to serve as a practical guide, equipping you with actionable steps to fortify your cyber defences and ensure business continuity.



Josh Van Egmond Principal Consultant

Josh Van Egmond is a distinguished Principal Consultant at Netier, renowned for his experience in cyber security and Information Security Strategy. With a strong background in Technology and Digital Transformation Strategy, Joshua has become a trusted adviser for organisations looking to bolster their IT infrastructure and strategic approach. Josh has extensive experience providing in-depth workshops, discussions, and presentations on Cyber Security, Information Security Strategy, Information Technology Strategy, and developing ongoing roadmaps and plans for Digital Transformation.

thumbnail_Tony Nissen

Tony Nissen Customer Experience & Technology Strategist

Tony Nissen brings over 20 years of expertise as a Customer Experience & Technology Strategist to his role at Netier. Throughout his distinguished career, Tony has consistently played a crucial role in enhancing business growth through strategic technology solutions across a broad spectrum of industries in Queensland. Tony is committed to implementing practical IT solutions that align seamlessly with business objectives, effectively supporting small to medium enterprises (50-1200 employees) in realising their strategic goals. As a leader, Tony prioritises creating a supportive and innovative work environment, cultivating an atmosphere where team members can thrive and succeed.